L’Orchestre de Chambre d’Hôte

Jean-Paul Raffit - guitar and composition, Isabelle Bagur - concert flute, Blandine Boyer - cello, Olivier Capelle - voice, Frédérik Lacourt - saxophone, Joël Trolonge - double bass & Éric Villevière - horn

Jean-Paul Raffit’s artistic orientation brings together musical exploration (composition, improvisation, special effects), with a distinctive sound and a unique creative approach; openness to new encounters and musical cross-breeding. As soloists with different backgrounds (current music genres, classical music, jazz, song, etc.), each musician contributes to the overall tone and spirit of the Orchestre de Chambre d’Hôte.
Electric guitar, concert flute, horn, voice, cello, double bass and saxophone merge in a rare equilibrium of density and finesse between string and wind instruments. The result is a timeless and unclassifiable lyrical chamber music on string and wind instruments, combining inspirations from jazz-blues, pop and classical.
The members of the Orchestre de Chambre d’Hôte, who are also experienced, qualified music teachers endorsed by the French Culture Ministry, enter into direct contact with their audience. Their music aims to sensitize the ear by appealing to the emotions and a sense of communal sharing. Their use of specially developed techniques in music mediation and education aim to enhance music appreciation and encourage a dialogue between the musicians, the works and the audience.


Jean-Paul Raffit - guitarist, composer, improvisation artist

Longtime advocate of a music that is humanist and profound, Jean-Paul has been nourished as a guitarist by extensive experience accompanying singers such as B. Sandoval, E. Lareine, Paamath, A. Minvielle and others, on international tours and on various albums. In 2004, he received an award from the Académie des Jeux Floraux for the poetic song Une goutte d’eau. In 2009, he created the Orchestre de Chambre d‘Hôte.
An adept of cinema-concert events over the last ten years, he has also composed music to accompany black-and-white silent movie classics such as Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, Cooper and Shoedsack’s Grass, and Murnau’s Sunrise, as well as Keaton and Chaplin movies (at Festival Images de ville, la Cité de l’architecture, Festival Zoom arrière, Rencontres des transhumances d’Europe…). In this domain, Jean-Paul is listed in the national catalog of France’s Agence pour le Développement Régional du Cinéma.
In 2015, he took part as a musician in the movie 21 nuits avec Patti directed by The Larrieu brothers (with Isabelle Carré, Karin Viard, André Dussollier...).
Jean-Paul Raffit holds a French State Diploma of Modern Music.
L’O.C.H. offers unexpected and profound links across genres and eras: original dialogues with great composers such as Bach or Fauré, jazz inspiration or other timeless artistic works inspired by litterature or historic discoveries, in order to embrace the whole diversity and beauty of humanity.



Blue & blues
> sextet (electric guitar, flute, cello, voice, soprano saxophone, double bass)

When troubadour’s poems, from Pons d’Ortaffa to French famous singer and composer Claude Nougaro, meet Jean-Paul Raffit’s blues and Miles’ blue note…


L'OCH part en Fauré
Fauré’s works revisited by L’OCH
> septet (electric guitar, flute, cello, voice, soprano saxophone, double bass, horn)

Combining classical, pop and electro sounds, a singular and unique encounter with one of the most famous French composers, Gabriel Fauré, and his contemporary poets (Verlaine, Hugo...).


Jazz, improvised music
> trio (electric guitar, soprano saxophone, double bass)

Well-balanced between jazz improvisation and composition, this work draws its inspiration from blues references, Jean-Paul Raffit’s powerful melodies and various moods and landscapes.


Bach doesn’t look his age!
> quartet (electric guitar, flute, cello, voice)

L’O.C.H. spotlights the modern and timeless nature of Bach’s music in a choral four-voice harmonization setting for one singer, a fiery fugue for electric guitar, a gavotte and its improvised suite... An unexpected musical biography of J. S. Bach!


Molière's melody
> quartet (electric guitar, flute, cello, voice)

An other look, between baroque and pop, on best-known Molière’s plays (Tartuffe, Le Bourgeois gentilhomme, Dom Juan, Les Femmes savantes...) and his contemporary composers (Lully, Purcell...).


Les Estagnous
Classical music, current music
> trio (electric guitar, flute, cello)

A musical journey from Baroque to twentieth century
> duo (cello, flute)

As the expression of the direct affinity between music and nature, these quartet and trio offer a baroque and classical repertoire (Corelli, Debussy, Villa-Lobos...) open on contemporary pieces and current music (improvisation, jazz colors).
For the special project Les Estagnous, new compositions of Jean-Paul Raffit are inspired by his personal contemplation and experience of mountain.


Une source chaude
Along the path of our origins
> duo (electric guitar, voice)

A unique and exceptionnal duet performance based on paleonthologists works and texts, revisiting the most importants decorated caves full of paintings and symbols.



“Cine-concerts” for film-lovers and also for kids

Jean-Paul Raffit, artistic director of L’Orchestre de Chambre d’Hôte, has been involved in the creation and sharing of the art of cinema-concert for over 15 years. Very renowned in this artistic field, the ensemble accompanies masterpieces of international cinema, from solo to septet. Original score and improvisations extend the lifespan of these silent films, and give a contemporary color to the black and white.

Our creations include Metropolis by Fritz Lang (1927), Alice Comedies by Walt Disney (1924-26), I Was Born But... by Yasojiru Osu (1932)...
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